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Student Testimonials

My experience at the salon professional academy was empowering, amazing and life changing. I’m a single mother and when I was divorced I lost everything, even my self confidence. With the support of my family, and the guidance counselors encouragement at the academy I embarked on the 15 month program to become a cosmetologist. My fears, and nerves of trying something new, quickly melted away by the first day. My educators were supportive, nurturing, and patient with me. They have alternative teaching styles I found to be captivating and interactive. Teaching you up to date, trendy skills and techniques. In not only cosmetology but in building your business as well. The overall atmosphere of the school is positive, inviting, and accepting of all types of women and men. Since attending I’ve made many lifelong friendships, gained back my lost confidence to go out in the world, have a successful career and I’ve acquired the knowledge and skills I need to become an amazing stylist. I’m so happy with my choice to attend the Salon Professional Academy.

-Kristen Odom

I absolutely loved my experience at TSPA. Everything from the day I took my tour up until my last day was amazing! I learned so much in my 15 months that I feel like I could take on the world. The way I learn is so hands on, they teach in ways that made it so easy for me to retain all of the information. All in all I would not change a thing about my experience. I am so glad I chose to take this journey with my fellow classmates, the educators and the staff at The Salon Professional Academy! Thank you all so much!

-Jaime Brown


I graduated early to attend The Salon Professional Academy. I have enjoyed my time as a student at TSPA, and I’m very excited to be moving on to the next chapter in my life. I have always been very interested in cosmetology and it was an easy move for me to make. Learning at TSPA was a lot easier than it was in learning in high school. The staff and education team at TSPA are all great, and it is a great learning atmosphere.

– Mackenzie MCclelland

My Journey at TSPA started in January of 2014, but this was not my first step of continued education after high school. I grew up in a small town and after graduating high school as an honor roll student I didn’t think I had much choice other than a large university. I spent a lot of time and money getting into a university where I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to study. It took me a while but I eventually realized that college was not the right place for me to be. I had worked for a spa in my home town for several years when I was in high school as well as had several members of my family that were in the beauty industry. Being around this for years, I have always taken a big interest in what this industry has to offer. There was nothing more exciting to me than being able to put a smile on someone’s face because they feel beautiful or give them a relaxing day away from their hectic life. My interests in turn led me to cosmetology school. In my search for a great school, I came across The Salon Professional Academy. There wasn’t a single school out there that I felt would fit me better. I took my tour, saved my money, and made this my dream. From the first day I walked into class to my last days on the salon floor, I don’t feel like I could have made a better choice for myself. This industry is so exciting and rewarding for me and I definitely feel like I am in the right place. This was a scary move for me. I thought to myself ‘what if this isn’t a right fit either’. I moved away from anyone I knew, got an apartment by myself, didn’t have a job, and started school. Because this is something I loved, I made it all work. I found a job and worked my way through school to support myself. I MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE.

-Karlee Seely


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Pascal and Jeremie – Fashion Stylists
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