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Meet Our Team


“To find a career that you enjoy every day and are able to constantly be passionate about is extremely rare in this world. That’s why I couldn’t be more grateful to have found my passion as a hairstylist, but to teach others…well that’s where the true magic happens. The students at TSPA that join this industry are what makes my day so special. I love seeing the “ah-ha” moments and watching students achieve and excel in this industry. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn keep my passion alive and thriving.”

-Aubree Mariz

“I believe that a great career doesn’t just involve an excellent education, it should also include how to be successful and happy personally as well. Here at TSPA we live, breath and teach Over The Top every day. Not only does this book give students scripts for reserving their next appointment, consultations, and home care products, it also shows them how much their attitude can affect their day. This is huge in our industry! We see tons of guests every day and our attitude is definitely contagious! Our students are not the only ones who benefit from this training, our education team lives by this book as well, which produces a positive and productive learning environment every single day!”

-Whitney Chadwick

“I began my amazing career move in education at TSPA in July 2017. I have been a licensed cosmetologist now for 10 years, owned a salon in New Mexico for 5 years and also managed a salon in California for a year. I felt it was time to make a change and share my experiences and passion of this industry through teaching! What I love most about my role as an educator is watching “the lights come on” with the students – from hearing the information we are giving them, to performing it on an actual guest, to finally seeing the “why” behind it. I love watching the process of success and the system we have here!”

-Chelsea Ruybalid


“I grew up in California and moved to Grand Junction in 2004. After working retail for years, I decided it was time for me to do what I truly loved to do. I graduated from TSPA in the November 2013 class and jumped right into working in a salon. As I was in school I enjoyed helping the front desk staff and once I had graduated I was given the opportunity to work here as a support staff member. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing I help our students in their path to success by teaching them the business side of Cosmetology so that they are as prepared as I was when they graduate.”

-Jackie Rice
Support Staff Leader


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